Switch Line Decals has decided it was time to bring things to and end and move on to new adventures. Chris was offered a position he could not refuse; thus, the decision was made to close up shop. We greatly appreciate all of our loyal customers; your support was amazing! As of 6/6/2022 we have turned off ordering.

To those looking for recommendations on decals and hobby shops below are our top picks.

View our once offered decals HERE.


-Highball Graphics

-MicroScale Decals

-Fusion Scale Graphics

-STS Scale Model Decals

-Bedlam Creations

Hobby Shops:

-Lombard Hobbies

-Fusion Scale Hobbies

-Hummingbird Model Trains

- Train Master Models

-Orange Empire Model Trains

Have any questions? You can email us at info@switchlinedecals.com please allow a few days for us to go get back to you.